If you are interested in becoming an official.  Please reach out to the LCST Barracuda Head Official Dan Bunge at

Remember that becoming an official fulfills your family volunteer requirements for the season!  We look forward to seeing you on deck!! 


A Note from Clear Creek Swim League (CCSL) Officials Chair:  Fred Bogar


CCSL has two levels of certification, Stroke/Turn and Starter/Referee.  There are two tests.  You are only required to complete the test for your desired certification.  The Starter/Referee test includes Stroke/Turn questions so it is inclusive.

The material I am using is from USA Swimming and Gulf Swimming.  The videos are excellent and give visual examples of legal and illegal technique.  Stroke/Turn and Starter have both a Powerpoint and Manual.  The manual gives more detail to the bullet points on the slides.

The Deck Referee Powerpoint is a good review of how to run the deck.  Most teams won't have enough people to have a Chief Judge so all references to their responsibilities fall on the Deck Referee.

The Stroke/Turn Situations and Resolutions is included to give you an idea how the rules are applied.  It is very helpful in relating the rulebook to the pool.  I recommend everyone read it as well.

My email is at the top of the page.  Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.  I hope to see you on deck soon!